REVIEW: Lush’s Full of Grace

Lush’s Full of Grace Product: An all-around great serum for sensitive skin! Comments: I can’t live without this every night! LOVE this little thing. Perfect for my sensitive skin. I put this on before bed every night and I swear it helps calm blemishes so much. Also skin looks just generally more supple, even, and … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Ultrabland

Lush’s Ultrabland Product: An amazing makeup remover and all purpose cleanser! Comments: I can’t live without this every night! I take about a dime-sized piece and work it into my face in small circular motions. I put it all over my eyes and kind of rub in between my lashes to remove ALL mascara/eyeliner (no … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Bûche de Noël

Lush’s Bûche de Noël Product: A great holiday cleanser for all skin types. Comments: Another great cleaner from Lush, similar to Angels on Bare Skin. This leaves your face really smooth and soft, but Buche de Noel is even better as it smells lovely and fruity. Yum! It’s a definite repurchase. Unfortunately, it’s only a … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Oatifix

Lush’s Oatifix Product: Hate dry skin? Well look no further, because you are going to love this mask! Comments: This mask smells like banana bread! It is a bit difficult to get an even coating of the mask on the skin. Bits of oats act as a gentle exfoliating agent to cleanse the pores. This … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s A Sacred Truth

Lush’s A Sacred Truth Product: Let your skin drink this nutritious “smoothie”! Comments: Loaded with antioxidants from the wheat grass, green tea, and ginseng and papaya extracts, this mask is best for anti-aging treatments, as the antioxidants restore collagen. It has an overall smooth green texture, with a bit of chunkiness to it for exfoliation. … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Love Lettuce

Lush’s Love Lettuce Product: Do you love a salad that can “cleanse” your face? Comments: With a hint of lavender, this clay mask is a good exfoliator due to the chunks of almond pieces. It cleans the skin and tightens pores upon removal. It is for normal to oily skin, in the hope to balance … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Cupcake

Lush’s Cupcake Product: Hey “chocoholic,” I’ve got a mask for you. Comments: Like all the Lush’s fresh mask, you can eat this mask if you get hungry (I’m not sure if it will taste the best). It smells like chocolate cake! It cleans skin and leaves skin tight. Honestly it didn’t really do much for … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior

Lush’s Cosmetic Warrior Product:  A very effective herbal mask for breakouts. Comments: This mask smells like GARLIC and Tea Tree! If you can’t stand the smell, then get out of the kitchen! I think this is probably the most effective masks at Lush once you get use to the smell. Bits of grapes in the … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Catastrophe Cosmetic

Lush’s Catastrophe Cosmetic Product: A “berry-licious” mask that calms your skin. Comments: I love catching whiffs of blueberry on my face when I use this mask! The texture is like thick yogurt and spreads easily over your skin. It calms down my face and reduces redness after a day out. Effectiveness: It cleanses face and … Continue reading

REVIEW: Lush’s Branzened Honey

Lush’s Branzened Honey Product: A “sweet” mask that rejuvenates your skin. Comments: I really like this mask. It makes my skin glow and fresh. Bits of almonds exfoliate my skin when I wash off the mask after ten to fifteen minutes. The sweet smell of honey is always a plus. Effectiveness: It cleans face and … Continue reading