REVIEW: Lush’s Ultrabland

Lush’s Ultrabland


Product: An amazing makeup remover and all purpose cleanser!

Comments: I can’t live without this every night! I take about a dime-sized piece and work it into my face in small circular motions. I put it all over my eyes and kind of rub in between my lashes to remove ALL mascara/eyeliner (no eye irritations)! I usually leave it on for about a minute whilst a hand towel soaked in hot water. I ring out my towel and place if over my face, essentially steaming it! I then wipe all the cleanser off rinsing my towel out in between. I’ve never had any problems trying to remove it, and my skin feels smooth, soft and supple afterwards, without having to moisturize. I’ve used it for about 3 months and my skin is so much more radiant, smooth and firm! I would definitely repurchase, even though I’ve barely used any of my tub!

Effectiveness: It is an incredible cleanser that gently removes makeup, leaving the skin moisturized without stripping away any natural oils.

Would I buy again?: Always!

Price: $16.95 for 1.5 oz at Lush

Product final grade: A+


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